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It is heartening to note that Parliamentary Research and Training Institute for

                                                             Democracies-PRIDE (earlier known as Bureau of Parliamentary Studies and
                                                             Training)  has  decided  to  publish  a  Coffee  Table  Book  to  mark  46  years  of  its

                                                             existence.  Established  in  1976,  PRIDE  has  emerged  in  less  than  five  decades  as
                                                             a  centre  of  excellence  for  training  and  orientation  in  parliamentary  practices

                                                             and procedures. The services offered by PRIDE have benefitted Parliamentarians
                                                             and Legislators, Legislative staff, Press and media personnel, civil servants and

                                                             students from around the world.

                                                             The democratic traditions and ethos of our country are old and deep. This democratic
                                                             spirit has been nurtured and reinforced over the ages through a well acknowledged

                                                             tradition of debate, discussion and argument. In modern India, the Parliament,
                                                             State Legislatures and Panchayati Raj Institutions have served as pulsating sites

                                                             of debates and discussions, as formal loci of participatory governance. It was
                                                             therefore only natural that a training institute be established in the Parliament of

                                                             India to provide a forum for familiarisation of our Parliamentarians, Legislators,
                                                             Panchayat Representatives, civil servants and other sections of civil society with

                                                             our  democratic  institutions,  Parliamentary  rules  of  Procedure  and  Precedents,
                                                             emergent issues of national and international importance etc. The aim and

                                                             objective behind setting up an institution like PRIDE in the Parliament of India
                                                             is to provide necessary support to our public representatives through focused

                                                             capacity building workshops andprogrammes so as to help, in turn, enrich quality
                                                             of legislative debates and participation in the business of the houses of Legislature.
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