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Democracy is the essence of the power of the people in ensuring that the polity
                                                                       remains responsive to their needs and aspirations. A strong and effective
                                                                       parliament enhances democracy, ensures accountability and promotes good

                                                                       governance. The backbone of an effective parliament is informed members

                                                                       of parliament, ably supported by parliamentary staff, who fulfill parliament’s
                                                                       primary functions of oversight, representation and lawmaking.

                                                                       Seen in this backdrop, it is imperative to continually undertake capacity

                                                                       building  programmes,  orientation  and  training  of  parliamentarians  and
                                                                       parliamentary officials. In order to make parliament work at its best, it is also
                                                                       necessary that other stakeholders of democracy – government officials, media

                                                                       persons, etc. – also get to know how our Parliament functions. Educating the

                                                                       youth and students on our parliamentary democracy is crucial.

                                                                       The Parliamentary Research and Training Institute for Democracies

                                                                       (PRIDE) has been performing the onerous task of training new members of

                                                                       Parliament and State Legislatures in our Parliament as well as parliamentary
                                                                       staff, for the last forty-six years of its existence. Through these years, PRIDE
                                                                       has successfully conducted numerous programmes to familiarize various

                                                                       stakeholders of our democracy on how our Parliament works. It is heartening

                                                                       to know that, in recent times, PRIDE has widened its ambit and embarked
                                                                       on holding Parliamentary Outreach Programmes for the empowerment of
                                                                       Panchayati  Raj  Institutions  and  Indian  and  Foreign  Language  Courses  for

                                                                       legislators and officials.
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